Azad Ahmed, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Architectural Engineering

Dr. Azad Hama Ahmed is an Associate professor and faculty member of the Architecture Engineering department at AUK. He has 15 years of teaching experience at reliable universities, one of them the University of Architecture of Venice, Italy.

Aside from teaching activities at these academic institutions, Prof. Azad has many years of management experience as being the Dean of the technical college in Sulaimanya (Polytechnic University) and was former chair of the architecture department at Tishik International University. He was deeply involved in supervising the departments’ day to day works and worked to develop curriculums and other academic and management issues.

Prof. Azad has an extensive academic publications both in Italian and Kurdistan and some other international reviews and magazines. He publishes papers in English, Italian, Kurdish and Arabic languages. His field of interest covers Architecture, Landscape design, urban design as well as heritage conservation. He participated in several international conferences and presented papers and articles relevant to his field of interest. Also, he was a member of different academic boards and committees, including the Academic Upgrading committee, Accreditation Committee, Degree Equalization Committee at the Ministerial level. He also directed Mater plan designs for several Iraqi cities, including, Dibis, Daquk, Kirkuk city and Tiktret.

Prof. Azad is also an artist and in March 2019 he won an International prize in the UK awarded by the Britain-based organization called Red line Art work for one of his artworks called the “The ship of Diversity”.

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