In concord with the AUK higher education philosophy; the College of Arts and Sciences implements an interactive liberal arts model of education which embraces intellectual and academic curiosity and develops students’ capability in critical thinking and debating. We strive to create a knowledge based advanced society that is well geared for sustainable development for the benefit of all people. Our endeavor involves educating young leaders through our innovative curriculum that develops the ability of effective reasoning and communication and offering specialties that are essential for society and the implementation of our mission.

  • To play a critical role in promoting and supporting science and liberal arts throughout the University.
  • To nurture critical thinking and original thought among students from multiple evidence and different perspectives.
  • To inspire students to become life-long learners and adapt to the job market needs of the 21st Century.
  • To inspire students to develop their skills in effective reasoning and communication.
  • To encourage students to ask bold questions and expand knowledge through research.
  • To endeavor to create a knowledge based society for the benefit of all people
Leadership and scholarly excellence in arts and sciences for public good and meaning lives
  • Discovering new capacities within students and enhancing their knowledge and the willingness to take action.
  • Creating and developing intellect that is well formed and highly versatile.
  • Provide training for innovation, entrepreneurship and civic leadership.
  • Embracing local heritage and promoting modern paradigms of openness and diversity.
  • Adopting interdisciplinary scholarship between sciences and arts that continuously generates new ideas.
  • Challenging our students to expand their soft and hard skills and sharpen their critical and creative abilities.

College of Arts and Science Departments

College of Arts and Science offers Bachelor of Science Degrees in following three

These three Bachelor Degrees are awarded to students upon completion of the required credit hours.


Ahmad Afara, MA1, M.Sc.

Faculty member, College of Arts and Sciences

Zinnar Ghassem, M.Sc.

Faculty, Department of Information Science

Salim Alali, PhD

Faculty, Department of Information Science

Hala Al Madfai, MA

Acting Chair of Interior Design

Dara Sherwani, PhD

Chair, Information Sciences