Students in the College of Arts and Sciences receive broad training in the humanities as well as the social and natural sciences. The College presently houses the Departments of Computer Science, Design, Environmental Science, and Global Media and Communication.Reflecting AUK’s higher education philosophy, the College of Arts and Sciences implements an interactive liberal arts model of education that embraces intellectual and academic curiosity and develops students’ capability in critical thinking and debating. The College aims to create a knowledge-based advanced society that is well geared for sustainable development for all people’s benefit. This focuses on educating young leaders through an innovative curriculum that develops students’ ability for effective reasoning and communication and offers essential specialties for society and the implementation of our mission.

  • Developing program-oriented curricula that encompass both professional and emotional
    intelligence as well as market-demanded skills.
  • Delivering comprehensive knowledge to students using contemporary pedagogical
    methods and digital platforms.
  • Creating a learning environment that stimulates rational and out-of-box thinking by
    encouraging faculty and students to focus on cognitive learning.
  • Fostering critical thinking by creating an environment that stimulates rational
    debate and self-expression.
  • Regularly reviewing and updating our teaching methods and study plans by assessing
    the achievement of our course/program learning outcomes.
  • Creating a caring and friendly environment among faculty, students, and their
    parents and staff by communicating openly and effectively.
  • Cultivating our faculty and students with core liberal values by promoting
    multicultural tolerance and diversifying the constituents of the college as a whole.
  • Encouraging faculty to carry out cutting-edge program-oriented research by providing
    facilities, proper recognition, and rewards.
  • Establishing effective and transparent communication between the College, other
    university entities, and society by utilizing proper and current communication
The College of Arts and Science aspires to prepare students for future frontiers of
knowledge by exploring and initiating new horizons in solving issues related to both the
natural and human world.
  • Engagement and Leadership:
    We encourage our faculty and students to engage effectively and take the lead in
    initiating and devoting their expertise in the well-being of both the natural and
    human world.
  • Environmental and Social Responsibility:
    We educate our students to take responsibility for exploring and facing dire
    environmental and social challenges facing our fast-growing and ever-changing
    complex world.
  • Life-Long Learning:
    We encourage our faculty and students to be life-long learners as both the natural
    and human world face new and increasingly complex challenges whose solutions demand
    multidisciplinary knowledge and up-to-date skills.
  • Integrity:
    We educate our students to be transparent, honest, and respectful in the workplace
    and be role models in caring for the planet’s natural and social assets.
  • To develop the student as a person with the desire for personal growth tempered with
    virtue, liberal values, self-discipline, a spirit of leadership, and integrity.
  • To equip students with professional competence within a field of specialization in
    the humanities or the social and natural sciences and to contribute positively to
    the well-being of local communities and beyond.
  • To develop an integrated personality able to function adequately in a world marked
    with rapid, progressive scientific, technological, and social changes.
  • To instill in the student a desire for rational and critical thinking and for
    expressing them appropriately.
  • To foster faculty and students’ sense of responsibility in facing global complex
    social and natural challenges.
  • To enhance AUK’s reputation locally and internationally with outstanding
    professional and personal prospects.
  • To boost the College’s local and international profile to attract more local and
    international students.

Minor Degree Specializations

The College of Arts and Science can offer the following two minor specializations that will be
available for other departments as well as other AUK colleges.


Mustafa Ameen, PhD

Faculty, Department of Interior Design

Ahmad Afara, MA1, M.Sc.

Faculty member, College of Arts and Sciences

Zinnar Ghassem, M.Sc.

Faculty, Department of Information Science

Salim Alali, PhD

Faculty, Department of Information Science

Dara Sherwani, PhD

Chair, Information Sciences