The College of Business at The American University of Kurdistan believes in creating global leaders who will be
trained and educated to bridge the world of intellectual discovery with the growing needs of enterprises. The
faculty members are keen on preparing graduates for successful and responsible engagement in business and
society. Experiential learning, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities through case studies are
hallmarks of the college. Our curriculum aims at a 360-degree development of students who are both capable of
working in a multicultural globalized world or starting their own entrepreneurship and innovative ventures
towards creating a sustainable and a growing community.

The College of Business is committed to imparting a value-centered education focused on
three “I” s: Induct, Inspire and Innovate.

  • Inducting the brightest and most intelligent minds and nurturing them to become tomorrow’s business leaders.
  • Inspiring, through its curriculum, faculty, and best-practice members of the business community, to adopt action-based learning.
  • Innovating solutions to contemporary business issues is a key learning strategy to achieve success as tomorrow’s business leaders.

We believe in fulfilling our mission by requiring students to learn and develop robust
analytic, and creative skills and the ability to define and synthesize through inculcating
common business research methods and practices.

The College of Business is committed to developing students capable of working in a multicultural, globalized world and/or focusing on entrepreneurship and innovative, sustainable ventures.
In carrying out this mission, the College of Business is guided by the following core
values/shared values:

  • Intellectual Excellence:

    • We encourage and promote intellectual excellence of students by emphasizing
      critical and analytical thinking.
    • We maintain and develop current and responsive curriculum to prepare
      students for the 21 century’s global business environment through broad exposure to key business disciplines.
    • We engage faculty and students in professional development and scholarly
      endeavors to create and disseminate knowledge through learning and pedagogical research.
  • Ethical Reasoning and Integrity:

    • We maintain the highest ethical standards in teaching, research, public
      engagement and service, being ethical in all interactions.
    • We are responsible and accountable in academic operations at all levels, including assessment and continuous improvement of our academic programs.
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness:

    • We are very respectful of the rights, culture, and dignity of all faculty, staff, and students as contributing members of the team.
    • We search for the opportunity for all participants to learn and grow in a
      diverse world, and acknowledge the importance of business education for contributing to a better world.
  • Community and Civic Engagement:

    • We respect and support each other to build a greater university community through our connection with the AUK alumni network.
    • We encourage transparency in our decision-making practices through a process
      of shared governance based on interactions among faculty, staff, and students.

College of Business students will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of ethics in business environments and consistently apply practices consistent with ethical performance in their career and private lives.
  • Think critically and creatively, developing innovative solutions to business and societal problems.
  • Apply knowledge, skills, and technologies needed for future business leaders.
  • Master the art of effective, clear, and persuasive business communication.
  • Draw from a multidisciplinary curriculum based on multiculturalism and globalization
    that will help students to appreciate and understand the international market.
  • Demonstrate analytical and problem-solving skills in the functional areas of accounting; oil and gas management and business management.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the ethical, legal and social obligations and responsibilities of business management, accounting and oil and gas management.
  • Understand and apply ethical principles in the business management, oil and gas and accounting environment with people of diverse ethnic, cultural, gender and other backgrounds.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of qualitative and quantitative skills to analyze and solve accounting, oil and gas and business problems.
  • Apply information technology and use the information to support business processes and make decisions.
  • Demonstrate proficiencies in discipline specific areas identified as specializations.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and application of best practices in core business concepts.

Major Degree Specializations

Minor Degree Specializations

The College of Business can offer the following three minor specializations that will be available for other College of Business departments as well as other AUK colleges.


Asadul Hoque, PhD

Faculty, College of Business