The faculty of the College of Business at The American University of Kurdistan believes in creating an environment where students become leaders who can connect the world of intellectual discovery with the growing needs of enterprises. Faculty members enable graduates to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for successful and responsible engagement in business and society. Experiential learning and action-based learning are integral elements of the Bachelor’s Program in Business Administration with the aim of fostering critical thinking and problemsolving abilities. The curriculum provides students with the educational foundation to excel in a diverse global environment, to create innovative new ventures, to act with integrity, and to contribute towards building sustainable organizations and communities.

The AUK College of Business is committed to the three keys to academic success—teaching, scholarship and service. We prepare students to meet the challenges of a dynamic global business environment and become lifelong learners; we support faculty in advancing scholarship in business disciplines; and we actively engage with local regional, and international communities. We strive to provide an educational environment based on student-centered teaching methods and experiential learning central to American-style education, which enables students to become innovative and socially responsible business professionals.

Preparing innovative and engaged future business leaders, solving real-world problems with global perspective and entrepreneurial thinking.

In carrying out this mission, the College of Business is guided by the following core values/shared values:

Intellectual Achievement:

  • We encourage and promote intellectual excellence of students by emphasizing critical and analytical thinking.
  • We offer and develop current and responsive curriculum to prepare students for the 21st century’s global business environment through broad exposure to key business disciplines.
  • We engage faculty and students in professional development and scholarly endeavors to create and disseminate knowledge through learning and pedagogical research.
  • Collaborate in research and teaching methodology with benchmarked education providers.

Ethical Reasoning and Integrity:

  • We maintain the highest ethical standards in teaching, research, public engagement and service, being ethical in all interactions.
  • We implement the culture of accountability in academic operations at all levels, including assessment and continuous improvement of our academic programs.
  • We encourage transparency in our decision making practices through a process of shared governance based on interactions among faculty, staff, and students.

Diversity and Inclusiveness:

  • We are very respectful of the rights, culture, and dignity of all faculty, staff, and students as contributing members of the team.
  • We search for the opportunity for all participants to learn and grow in a diverse world.

Community and Civic Engagement:

  • We respect and support of each other to build a greater university community through our connection with the AUK alumni network.
  • We connect regional and international industry with our current educational programs.

Life-Long Learning:

  • We are committed to graduate enthusiastic, independent academics and learners striving for personal growth

The graduates of the program will be able to:

  • Apply the best academic concept and modern teaching methods to develop future business leaders.
  • Achieve the superior action-based learning education that is consistently relevant to social and ethical principle in a globally competitive business environment
  • Contribute to innovating solutions, creative and critical thinking skills to solve business and societal problems.
  • Contribute to quality research, creative skills and knowledge relevant to business and society.
Participants of the program will be able to;

  • Demonstrate analytical, problem solving skills, proficiencies and knowledge in the functional areas.
  • Apply knowledge in a manner that is socially and ethically responsible in a globally competitive business environment.
  • Contribute to innovating solutions, creative and critical thinking skills in solving business and societal problems.
  • Conduct scientific business research, apply creative skills and knowledge relevant to business and society.
  • Ability to use technology and innovative solution to tackle problems.

Major Degree Specializations

Minor Degree Specializations

The College of Business can offer the following three minor specializations that will be available for other College of Business departments as well as other AUK colleges.


Uzair Bhatti, Ph.D.

Acting Dean, Business

Zain Janjua, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Business

Agwu Okechukwu, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Business

Sinbl Hawro Yakoob, MA

Lecturer, Business