Mustafa Ameen, PhD

Faculty, Department of Interior Design

Mustafa Amen has more than 20 years of experience in education and design field,
whether it is architectural or interior, he got his bachelor in architectural engineering
from Baghdad University in 1994, and later in 1998 he got his M.Sc. in urban planning from
the urban and regional institute in Baghdad University. Mustafa has a long experience
in the domain of architecture and interior design in the Persian Gulf, especially Dubai
and Abu Dhabi, he worked in some of the most famous design and contracting firms
in the Gulf, like Depa Arabtec, Greenline Interior, and Archtag. From January 2000 to
September 2009 he worked in several masterpiece projects and five-star hotels in the
gulf like Emirates palace Abu Dhabi and Fairmont Dubai. After more than fifteen years of professional experience, he started his Ph.D. in the
field of urban design, more specifically in the urban spatial semiotics which deals with the impact of the urban space configuration on spaces spatial semiotic in Girne American University, he accomplished the
task in 2019 after publishing several papers and research in highly scored journals which are indexed by both Clarivate
and Scopus, with some local journal which is indexed by NUR in the ministry of higher education.

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