Uzair Bhatti, Ph.D.

Acting Dean, Business

Dr. Uzair Bhatti is an Acting Dean and Faculty at the American University of Kurdistan (AUK), Iraq in the College of Business (COB). He has worked in various educational settings such as in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Pakistan. His research interests are in the areas of Risk Management, Portfolio investments, and Sustainability Finance. Additionally, his research work has been published in high-visibility journals like International Journal of finance Studies (IJFS by MDPI), European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciences, and Studies of Applied Economics. Furthermore, he has worked and gained experience from well-known consulting companies on various forecasting, financial analysis, and financial modeling projects. To get better hands-on knowledge, he has worked as a freelance stockbroker in London Southeast Exchange (LSE), Bursa Malaysia, and Pakistan Stock Exchange (KSE).

To upgrade his academic abilities, Mr. Bhatti is currently working on his Ph.D. Degree (Finance) from Malaysia. He already holds a master’s degree (MSc- Investment and Finance) from the United Kingdom and an MBA (Finance) from Pakistan. To strengthen his knowledge in finance and business, he has earned a Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA) certification from Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) Canada. Keeping in view the changing trends in Financial Technology, he also earned FinTech: Foundations & Application of Financial Technology Specialization from Wharton Business School by the University of Pennsylvania (US).

“To Achieve Enormous Success, You Must Traverse Through a Rough Path of Risk” – Uzair Bhatti

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