AUK has a vibrant, warm and welcoming campus community. Students have the opportunity to participate in various student activities and events, and engage in community service and individual projects.

Co-Curricular Activities

The University is a site for learning. It can take place in the classroom, lab, library, and all other spaces on the campus. Besides the classroom/lab model of teaching and learning where knowledge acquisition and skill attainment is linked to the students’ major program of study, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are those beyond credit-bearing coursework and refer to any and all activities, programs, and learning experiences performed by students that complement or enhance their academic development. Such activities do not award academic credit, yet are assessed to ensure they effectively broaden the students’ experiences and advance their skill attainment.

Co-curricular activities can be performed individually or in groups, inside or outside the classroom, or on- or off-campus, yet they are an extension of the formal learning experiences in a course or major program of study. Such activities may include: working at a radio station/video production lab, writing articles for publication on the University’s website, debate competitions, hackathons, and innovation/entrepreneurship programs.

Extra-curricular activities are not explicitly connected to academic learning, but aim to provide students with experiences that will enhance their skills and holistic development, such as communication, leadership, and problem solving. Such activities may include: participation in university sport, student government, peer tutoring, leadership programs, and campus and community volunteerism.

Arrival at AUK

The AUK provides students with academic advisors who provide support and guidance throughout the course of their studies.

Upon arrival to AUK, students are provided with in-depth information and support regarding the orientation process, course selection, enrollment, and registration.

All members of AUK’s faculty are also available and eager to assist students with academic queries.

Once enrolled, students are strongly advised to participate in the planned orientation programs, as these sessions are specifically designed to familiarize students with the University’s facilities, services, rules, and regulations.

Student Activities

Through a specially designed leadership program, AUK provides students with the opportunity to develop a unique voice of their own.

This student body represents all AUK students under the umbrella of the ‘’Student Government.”

The Student Government, provides students with the platform to voice and address their concerns to the University.

Furthermore, the establishment of the Student Government ensures the promotion of student participation and involvement in social clubs and other organizations, by providing students with the means to organize social, cultural and academic activities/programs under the leadership of the Office of Student Affairs (OSA).


The OSA plays a fundamental role in the organization of events at the University. Organized events span from educational activities such as workshops, seminars, competitions and conferences to a variety of social and community-building activities, such as trips, charitable and community outreach initiatives and events celebrating ethnic and cultural occasions.

Student Clubs

Student clubs are interest-based clubs organized and created by students under the supervision of the OSA. The AUK encourages students to create and participate in student clubs as it enables students to channel their energy positively into projects they feel passionate about, and which in turn creates a dynamic campus filled with the lively energy of our students. Moreover, AUK emphasizes the importance of participation in student activities, as it improves students’ soft skills such as leadership, communication, sportsmanship, confidence, and team work among others, all necessary and transferable after graduation.