Academic Advisors and Counselling Services

Advice and Guidance assist students in reaching their educational, personal and career goals.
As such the OSA is specifically responsible for taking care of student’s needs by providing students with advice and guidance when possible. In addition, when necessary the OSA shall refer students to specific AUK Staff in order to better assist students with their required needs.
Academic Advice at AUK is based on the belief that the developmental process continues throughout the course of the student’s academic study program and that the goals to be attained by the student are implemented in stages. At AUK, both the Advisor and student must recognize logical and sequential steps to aid the student in the exploration and attainment of the individual student’s their life’s goals and career ambitions.
This process of exploring, integrating, and synthesizing is an ongoing and multifaceted responsibility of both the student and the advisor(s); the ultimate goal of AUK is student growth.

Through this student-centered approach, general and specialized advisors assist students in creating an individual plan that serves the student during higher education and post-graduation stages.
Beginning with the registration and admission process at AUK and continuing onwards each semester, AUK encourages students to consult with advisors in order to make the most of their academic experience at AUK.
Students are assigned advisors whom are full-time faculty/staff members, specialized to assist students in the selection of courses as well as the teaching of core study skills required by students to become successful graduates.
AUK’s commitment to the success of its students is proven by providing dedicated specialist staff to assist students with their needs on a regular basis.
How can these advisors help you?
They can help by:

  • Clarifying educational and career goals.
  • Providing academic success and study skills workshops.
  • Discussing individual academic progress.
  • Assisting in the selection of courses that correspond to individual interests and career goals.
  • Determining areas where individuals can receive additional assistance/information.

Academic Success and Study Skills workshops

As such AUK organizes workshops and seminars that enhance and teach students the following:

  • Reading efficiently
  • Academic writing
  • Test taking
  • Note taking
  • Essay writing
  • Conquering stress
  • Effective learning
  • Time management
  • Planning


The OSA provides students with a safe and confidential environment to listen and assist student’s facing difficult situations. The welfare and wellbeing of students is paramount at AUK and OSA prides itself in providing all the support necessary to assist students overcome hardships.