In the College of International Studies, future leaders, diplomats, and policymakers examine the historical, political, economic, and ideological factors informing international policy. The College of International Studies at The American University of Kurdistan is uniquely positioned to observe and analyze the emerging political landscape of the Middle East and its implications for the rest of the world. The college houses the departments of international relations, public policy, and security and strategic studies.

The College of International Studies, with its dynamic, innovative, and research-oriented faculties, aims to educate the next generation of confident, open-minded, and capable leaders in global politics and society. Programs are designed to foster critical thinking and address the complex and interconnected challenges surrounding international relations, security studies, and public policy.
The College of International Studies aims to become a leading academic hub both in Kurdistan and in the Middle East.
Students will be able to:
  • Produce independent and innovative research in the field
  • Develop skills of theory and application of theory into practice.
  • Educate students whose competencies meet international standards
  • Educate students whose research and problem solving skills contextualized with an awareness of social responsibility
  • Serve society within multi-dimensional standards of quality and an atmosphere of free thought

Department of International Relations

The Department of International Relations offers an interdisciplinary program allowing students to develop a solid background in political science, political and diplomatic history, foreign policy, international law, political economy, civil society, and gender studies. The bachelor’s degree in international relations prepares students for diverse careers in politics, government, foreign service, international development, and business.

Department of Public Policy

The Department of Public Policy offers an interdisciplinary program that promotes skills necessary for understanding the political-administrative framework of policy making, assessing policy implementation, and evaluating the effectiveness of social programs and policies. The bachelor’s degree in public policy provides a solid foundation for diverse careers in government, welfare, public services and administration, and international organization and development.

Department of Security and Strategic Studies

The Department of Security and Strategic Studies offers an interdisciplinary program in security and strategic studies, defense policy, counter-terrorism, conflict prevention and resolution, energy and human security. The bachelor’s degree in security and strategic studies prepares students for careers in the armed forces, law enforcement and government, foreign service, international development, and business.


Arzu Yilmaz, PhD

Chair of the Department of International Relations

Ary Atrushi, JD, LLM

Assistant Professor

Bayar Mustafa, PhD

Assistant Professor