The College of Business seeks to find and nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs, financial advisers, and economic strategists. All students in the College of Business will graduate with a firm understanding of the micro- and macroeconomic issues facing today’s market. The college presently houses the departments of finance, management, and marketing.

The College of Business believes in imparting a value-centered education focused on three ‘I’s:
  • Induct: The College of Business will induct the brightest and most intelligent minds and nurture them to become tomorrow’s business leaders.
  • Inspire:Through its faculty, curriculum, and business connections, the College of Business will inspire students to adopt action-based learning.
  • Innovate:The College of Business is a network of higher education, private, and public organizations that strive to find innovative solutions to contemporary business issues and implement them for the betterment of the community.
We believe in fulfilling our mission by requiring students to learn and develop robust analytic, and creative skills and the ability to define and synthesize through inculcating common business research methods and practices.
The College of Business strives to develop students’ intellectual, professional, and personal strengths through a rigorous program that will distinguish them as critical thinkers, articulate communicators, and ethical business leaders.
Students will be able to
  • Apply knowledge, skills, and technologies needed for future business leaders
  • Master the art of effective, clear, and persuasive business communication.
  • Students will think critically and creatively, developing innovative solutions to business and societal problems.
  • Understand the importance of ethics in business environments and apply it to their professional and personal lives.
  • Understand their responsibility to create a business culture of social service
  • Study a multidisciplinary curriculum based on multiculturalism and globalization that will help students appreciate and understand the international market.

Department of Finance

The Department of Finance prepares managers for the challenges associated with creating value for a firm's shareholders and other stakeholders in a rapidly changing and highly competitive world. Dedicated to research, teaching, and consulting in finance and related business areas, the department emphasizes financial theory (concepts, methodology and the latest research), as well as application, training managers with relevant insights and framework to aid them in their professional roles. The Department of Finance offers specialized courses accessible only to its students who have completed compulsory coursework.

Department of Management

The Department of Management supports curriculum and research related to understanding the dynamics of organizations from a variety of perspectives. Management faculty members are leaders in the research areas of employee training and development, team decision making and effectiveness, and strategy formulation and firm performance. The major in management offers a quality educational experience to traditional and nontraditional students, preparing them for a broad array of careers in management. The Department of Management offers specialized courses accessible only to its students who have completed compulsory coursework.

Department of Marketing

The Department of Marketing prepares students to find innovative solutions to social and economic needs and to develop products and services that meet (and exceed) customer needs. Classes and programs are designed to equip students with the tools and framework needed to craft an effective marketing program. The department offers specialized courses only accessible to its students who have completed compulsory coursework.


Enakshi Sengupta, PhD

Dean of the College of Business

Vijay Kapur, MBA

Instructor, College of Business