College of Business at The American University of Kurdistan believes in creating global leaders who will be trained and educated to bridge the world of intellectual discovery with the growing needs of enterprises. The faculty members are keen on preparing graduates for successful and responsible engagement in business and society. Experiential learning, critical thinking and problem solving abilities through case studies are hallmarks of the college. Our curriculum aims at a 360-degree development of students who are both capable of working in a multicultural globalized world or starting their own entrepreneurship and innovative ventures towards creating a sustainable and a growing community.

The College of Business believes in imparting a value-centered education focused on three ‘I’s:

  • Induct: The College of Business will induct the brightest and most intelligent minds and nurture them to become tomorrow’s business leaders.
  • Inspire: Through its faculty, curriculum, and business connections, the College of Business will inspire students to adopt action-based learning.
  • Innovate: The College of Business is a network of higher education, private, and public organizations that strive to find innovative solutions to contemporary business issues and implement them for the betterment of the community.

We believe in fulfilling our mission by requiring students to learn and develop robust analytic, and creative skills and the ability to define and synthesize through inculcating common business research methods and practices.

The College of Business strives to develop students’ intellectual, professional, and personal strengths through a rigorous program that will distinguish them as critical thinkers, articulate communicators, and ethical business leaders.

Students will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge, skills, and technologies needed for future business leaders
  • Master the art of effective, clear, and persuasive business communication.
  • Students will think critically and creatively, developing innovative solutions to business and societal problems.
  • Understand the importance of ethics in business environments and apply it to their professional and personal lives.
  • Understand their responsibility to create a business culture of social service
  • Study a multidisciplinary curriculum based on multiculturalism and globalization that will help students appreciate and understand the international market.


College of Business offers Bachelor’s degree in the following three departments:

These three Bachelor Degrees are awarded to students upon completion of the required credit hours.


Asadul Hoque, PhD

Faculty, College of Business