Governor Prof. Dr. Ali Tatar


Prof. Dr. Ali Tatar was sworn in as Governor of Duhok in June 2020 and has served previously as the Director-General of Duhok’s Intelligence Agency from 2002 to 2011. Dr. Tatar has passed through most political functions in the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) from Head of Students Union to Head of KDP’s branches in Zakho and Soran to then be voted as a Member of the party’s Leaderboard.
Besides his political career, he is a published author of historical research and offers journalism and media experience.
Dr. Tatar was born into a politically influential family with roots back to the Bahdinan principality and early Kurdish revolts during the Ottoman Empire. He himself has joined the Kurdish Peshmerga forces in 1989 and was captured, tortured, and held in prison by the Iraqi Baath Regime until the Kurdish Uprising in 1991. Due to his accession to the Kurdish freedom fight, he was forced to discontinue his education several times. Today, Governor Tatar holds a doctorate in history from the University of Duhok and has completed his full professorship of contemporary history in 2018.