Giving To AUK

Every gift made to the University has an impact. Every size and type of gift matters. You can support AUK in the way you choose.
Great minds are converging on AUK to forge a distinctive future. Your support means you are a part of their success.
The AUK values every member of its donor community and takes care to demonstrate its gratitude. See our Roll of Honor to view our current, major donors.

Why give to AUK

The mission of the American University of Kurdistan (AUK) is at the heart of decision-making and planning at the University. It provides students in the KRI and the larger region with access to an American-style education, a university close to home and family, a campus in a safe and secure environment, and a university that is dedicated to the economic, social, and political progress of Kurdistan.

By giving to AUK, you enable us to provide our students with an affordable academic pathway to their future success. Donor funding allows us to subsidize the cost of education, award merit scholarships, while both increasing and diversifying scholarship opportunities

to attract talented students from different backgrounds. Your support also allows AUK to develop state-of-the-art educational facilities, hire experienced and renowned faculty, and engage in cutting-edge research.

Give now to ensure that our progressive vision continues. No gift is too small; each represents one more step on the path forward. Each gift helps AUK to nurture the future generation of leaders in science, engineering, business, nursing, and more, all for the benefit of Kurdistan.

Priority Projects


It is a recognized fact that the medical and healthcare professions in Kurdistan require significant development and capacity building.

Establishing the medical school and teaching hospital is our top priority. In this endeavor, AUK focuses on building partnerships with international medical and accreditation institutions to provide specialized educational programs that integrate the study of human biology, clinical sciences, and medical services in an interdisciplinary educational package. In addition to providing medical services and state-of-the-art facilities,

the teaching hospital’s residency program will provide medical students with a forum to practice their healthcare and clinical skills.

It will focus on in-service training for physicians, nurses and allied healthcare professions.

The AUK has allocated 2 dunums of land for the building of the College of Medicine and University Hospital. Fundraising needs cover design, engineering and construction costs, equipment procurement, and the hiring and training of faculty and staff.



The AUK aims to establish an endowment to support donors’ objectives in perpetuity. The endowment is a pool of funds that is invested and administered according to the Investment Policy and Guidelines established by the AUK Board.
Contributions to the endowment (the principal) are invested, and profits accrued from investment operations are earmarked for supporting AUK’s work. Our vision is to expend endowment returns across six support categories (general endowment, distinguished professor, research and development, library, buildings, and scholarships).

Contributions to the endowment can be in the form of cash, stocks, real estate, or bequests. Naming opportunities are available for philanthropists who are willing to donate $25,000 or more.


You may wish to provide scholarship assistance to AUK students via an endowed scholarship. Endowed scholarships are permanent and perpetual: the donor provides the initial capital (principal), which is invested by the University, according to the Investment Policy and Guidelines approved by AUK’s Board. Returns on the invested principal are subsequently paid out as scholarship assistance to needy and deserving students, while the principal stays untouched, such that the endowment can continue to operate in perpetuity. As the endowed scholarship donor, you choose the criteria for how scholarship assistance (returns) is spent. Contributions to AUK’s scholarship endowment can be in any financial amount. Naming opportunities are available for donors who make a contribution of $10,000 or more to the scholarships endowment.

To invest in our Endowment, please Contact Us.

Naming Opportunities

At seven years of age, AUK is a young organization that wants to be recognized as a premier institution of higher education in the Middle East and beyond. In order to realize this vision, the internal capacity of AUK needs to grow in tandem with our academic programs and student-support activities. This requires the development of a campus master plan that includes the addition of a:

  • Medical school and teaching hospital
  • College-specific spaces, labs, R&D centers
  • Sports facilities
  • Male student residence hall
  • Green, LEED-certified campus infrastructure.

named gift can also be earmarked for scholarships, professorships or other (non-capital) projects.

Naming opportunities are also available through the University’s Endowment, for philanthropists who are willing to donate $25,000 or more to the University Endowment, or $10,000 or more to the Scholarships Endowment. Click here for more details.
A diverse range of naming opportunities are available for donors which can be used to honor family, friends or loved ones. For more information, please Contact Us.