In the College of International Studies, future leaders, diplomats, and policymakers examine the historical, political, economic, and ideological factors informing international policy. The College welcomes students looking to gain a global perspective on world affairs. The College of International Studies offers BA degrees in International Relations, Public Policy, and Security & Strategic Studies.

Through an interdisciplinary curriculum focusing on international politics, diplomacy, political history, international law and economics, students learn how the international system operates, and prepare themselves for careers in both domestic and foreign affairs or international business. The College provides you with a deeper understanding of how governments, law, politics, business, civil society, culture, science, and the environment relate on the international stage.

The College of International Studies is committed to:

  • Developing lifelong learners, who, through introspection and a thirst for knowledge, demonstrate a willingness to take action.
  • Preparing students with a deeper understanding of how governments, law, politics, business, civil society, culture, science, and the environment relate to the international stage.
  • Fostering critical and complex thinking that reflects the interconnected thinking associated with international studies.
The College of International Studies seeks to enhance students’ leadership skills and scholarship by developing critical thinking for the public good and meaningful lives.
  • Academic and Intellectual Freedom
    Absolute respect to the right to free scholarly questioning and pursuit of knowledge.
  • Excellence
    Seek excellence in all endeavors to advance knowledge through creative and innovative research.
  • Academic and Personal Integrity
    Strong belief in and adherence to the moral principles of honesty, moral conduct and uprightness.
  • Community
    Nurture a strong sense of community based on compassion and standing with others in hardships.
  • Diversity
    Celebrate and value the diversity of ideas, beliefs and ideas; and promote constructive dialogue of ideas and perspectives that respects the dignity of others.
  • Inclusion
    Foster an environment of openness that is welcoming to diverse human and intellectual communities.
  • Service
    Commitment to using one’s talents and abilities to serve the community and the world through efforts aimed at advancing the quality of human life.
  • Sustainability
    Commitment to the efficient and effective utilization of human, natural and economic resources.
  • Produce independent and innovative researches in the field.
  • Cultivate an understanding of current key issues and trends in global politics.
  • Develop refined understanding of theoretical and conceptual issues in global politics.
  • Nurture the soft skills of students by imparting to them strong work ethic.
  • Promote the career development of students in government and Foreign Service, international organizations, NGOs, law and the media.
  • Firm grasp of theory and practice in global politics.
  • Understanding of the role of governmental and non-governmental institutions in global politics.
  • Enhanced students’ problem-solving skills that prepare students to become practitioners.
  • Well-developed soft skills and work ethic.
  • Ability to conduct independent research.

Major Degree Specializations

Minor Degree Specializations

The College of International Studies can offer the following three minor specializations that will be available for other College of International Studies departments as well as other AUK colleges.