Ken Whalen, PhD

Faculty, Department of Environmental Science

Dr. Ken Whalen is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Science. He earned his doctorate in Geography from the University of Florida and his Master’s degree from the University of Maryland. He has over ten years of experience teaching in the United States, Afghanistan and Brunei Darussalam. His areas of specialization are environmental science/studies, regional geography, cultural geography as well as tourism studies. Dr. Whalen has interpreted landscapes of forced migration, difficult heritage and political conflict associated with Trail of Tears National Historic Trail, the Real Florida™, and Kabul, Afghanistan. His scholarship seeks to understand how historical and cultural contexts shape representations of landscapes, places and regions while it also partakes in creative geographies that can “put into question” our taken-for-granted assumptions about the world. Dr. Whalen enjoys exploring places on foot. While in Brunei, he worked for several years on a project that helped build public interest in the country’s recreational parks and trails. He hopes to get his students and colleagues at AUK involved in developing a knowledge base and research initiatives focused on local environmental issues, regional hiking trails and recreational tourism.

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