Dr. Kerstin Tomiak

Researcher and assistant professor

Kerstin Tomiak is a researcher and assistant professor at the Center for Peace and Human Security at AUK. She achieved her Ph.D. from Cardiff University (UK) in International Studies with a thesis on the effects of western-led media support in global South countries, with South Sudan as her case study. She also holds a Masters in Conflict Studies from the London School of Economics. Kerstin was a postdoctoral fellow at the Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel and has extensive professional experience working as a journalist, spokesperson and media expert, and advisor for the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) in Afghanistan and several organizations in South Sudan. She has been honored with NATO’s non-Art 5-medal for her service with the International Security Assistance Force and the Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan and with a Certificate of Graduate from the Governor of Kunduz, Afghanistan, for her service towards journalist education in Afghanistan. At AUK, Kerstin has run a Konrad Adenauer foundation-funded project on the Yazidi community’s perception of the Responsibility to Protect and the related actions of the international community. For this project, she employed and worked with students from AUK. Kerstin has been published, for example, in Third World Quarterly. She uses mostly qualitative approaches to study interactions in foreign and military interventions and the making and sustaining of identities and values in social worlds.

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