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The opening ceremony for the Center for Peace and Human Security was held at the American University Duhok Kurdistan (AUK) on Sunday June 21, 2015.  The opening Ceremony speakers included Dr. Honar Issa, a Member of the Board of Trustees (BOT) and the Chair of the Executive Board of the AUK; Dr. Victoria Fontan, the Director of the Centre for Peace and Human Security (CPHS), also a Member of the AUK Executive Board; Professor Noam Ebner, the Online Program Chair for the Werner Institute at Creighton University, United States of America, and Mr. Farhad Atrushi, the Governor of Duhok Province and member of the BOT at AUK.

The ceremony was attended by more than 150 distinguished guests, which included Zaeim Ali, Peshmarga Regional Commander; Abdulxaliq Babiri, a KDP leader; members of parliament; mayors of different districts within the Duhok Province; and presidents of various universities along with donors and sponsors.

The CPHS will examine the major contemporary challenges to security and peace, sources of conflict and violence, and several key mechanisms for conflict transformation and prevention with a focus on the Middle East. Its work will be based on the epistemic foundations on which international security and peace are being built, the challenges that they are facing, and how they are likely to evolve. The Center aims to engage with the community, address its concerns, and find research-based solutions for its problems.

Our vision is that CPHS will become an academic hub for research, education and policy dialogue on peace and human security in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Photos of the Opening ceremony for Peace and Human Security center are available on our Facebook page.