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We are delighted to announce that Victoria C Fontan joined AUK as Chair of the Politics and Public Policy Department, and Professor of Peace and Security Studies. Prior to this position, Prof. Fontan was working as Coordinator of the Human Rights and Culture of Peace Master’s Program at the Pontifical Javeriana Universidad of Cali, Colombia. She also worked for nine years at the United Nations-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica. Professor Fontan authored "Voices from post-Saddam Iraq" in 2008, and "Decolonizing Peace" (2012), which later on translated in three languages. She is currently working on her third monograph entitled "Resilience of Insurgencies in Fallujah".

Prof. Fontan holds two PhDs and is currently finishing her third in War Studies at King's College London. She has delivered seminar and lectures internationally, and is also an adjust professor at the Institute Superieur des Techniques de Development of Kalehe in the Democratic Republic of Congo. By the name of all AUK staff and employees, welcome on board Victoria.