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On Thursday, September 17th, Center of Peace and Human Security-American University of Duhok Kurdistan (CPHS-AUK), General Consulate of US-Erbil and Center for Peace and Conflict-UoD held a humanitarian event based on the human rights challenges facing minority communities in Iraqi Kurdistan at the American University Duhok Kurdistan (AUK).

This event was attended by over a 100 distinguished guests including Consul General Matthias Mitman, President AUK Dr. Michael Mulnix, and President of the University of Duhok Dr. Mosleh Duhoky.

Ms Saeed made a powerful statement on the need to fight human trafficking in the 21st century and the importance of reconciliation for the future of region as a whole. She stressed that many women and girls are still being held captive by the Islamic State group, and that young boys were also being brainwashed into fighting for IS.

Referring to Ms Saeed’s direct involvement in having more than 150 Ezidi women and girls freed, CG Mitman stressed that Ms Saeed’s story show how the will of one person can make the world a better place.