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AUK lecturer for Kurdish studies, Dr. Bayar, was recently invited to two conferences, including one as a speaker. In Baghdad, he spoke to a group that included high level government officials from both Turkey and Iraq. The aim of the conference was to try to find common ground between Ankara and Baghdad in terms of diplomatic relations. The main contention of Dr Bayar was that the KRG can act as a stabilizing force and help foster a new era of cooperation between the two countries but only if recognized officially by Baghdad.
The second conference was at the American University in Suleymani and had ambassadors from Turkey, KRG, Baghdad, the US and several others countries with vested interests in attendance. Referencing the richness of the resources in the area, “The Fertile Crescent in turmoil: Challenges and Opportunities” featured hearing directly from policy makers concerning the geopolitical situation facing much of the region. Invitation only went out to select individuals and AUK was proud to have Dr Bayar represent the university.
Academic bio:
Dr. Bayar is a lecturer of Kurdish studies at AUK and also lectures at University of Istanbul Bilgi at the School of Economics and Business. He completed his PhD in 2009 in the UK and his topic examined the relationship between Kurdish policy and American and Turkish diplomatic relations. He is currently working on a postdoc that explores the implications for Kurdistan post Arab Spring.